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1913 Gu Lang Yu

Smoky honey-infused Bak Kwa grilled to imperfection.

About 1913 Gu Lang Yu

From the shores of Gu Lang Yu, China, we bring to you their hidden treasure beloved by many in Singapore...

An island in East China Fujian Province, Gulangyu is one of the earliest known places that started serving barbecued sliced pork.

Bathed in a secret marinade of spices, this highly prized delicacy is enjoyed on special occasions.

The distinct smoky flavour soon became a favourite and barbecued sliced pork started spreading throughout China.

Today, barbecued sliced pork is affectionately known as Bak Kwa and is enjoyed globally by 6 billion people!

Our Bak Kwa recipe is carefully handed down from our ancestors in Gu Lang Yu throughout the generations.

Infusing our secret spice marinade into the meat…

Coated with a layer of honey…

Barbecued with the right degree of heat…

Indulge in the most authentic and true taste of Bak Kwa, right down to its origins at Gulangyu!

Try it now and taste for yourself centuries of history, traditions and culture all in one piece of Bak Kwa!